Brake Fluid Replacement

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Regular Flush Every Two Years

Brake fluid DOT4 is hydroscopic (absorbs water) and needs to be exchanged every two years under the maintenance schedule. A local dealer quoted $95 for this task. Plan for between 1-1.5 hrs if you DIY.


  • It is critically important to use the DOT rating specified in the owner’s manual.
  • Brake fluid is hazardous. Wear latex gloves, safety glasses, and protect the paint of your car.

DIY Brake Fluid Flush

  • Suck out old fluid in reservoir using a miti-vac or a turkey baster.
  • Top off with NEW UNOPENED DOT-4 PLUS fluid ONLY!
  • Connect Power Bleeder which has been filled with NEW UNOPENED DOT-4 PLUS fluid!
  • Pressurize the brake system with the Power Bleeder (138KPa (20 psi) via the integrated pump).
  • Bleed all four callipers, LR, RR, LF and then RF.
  • Inspect for leaks.
  • Depressurize the system, CAUTION: DO NOT SPRAY THE FLUID, otherwise you will be getting a new paint job.
  • Do a manual check of brake pressure
  • Make a final check of the level of fluid in the brake reservoir.
  • Record Brake Flush in Maintenance Records.
  • Dispose of old brake fluid responsibly .

TIP: If possible alternate brake fluid colour from one flush to the next. The difference in colour gives good confidence that everything is flushed out.

Quantity of Brake Fluid Required for a Thorough Flush It will use about 3L for a full and thorough flush.