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Description - Special Tools

Reference: W220 Wiki Section WIS 58 Tools and Accessories

There are a number of useful Mercedes-Benz special tools that considerably help (or are required) when dismantling interior of car to retrofit stuff - here is a list of some of them.

Part Number Description
W126 589 0010 00 Steering Wheel Airbag removal tool
W963 589 0105 00 COMAND/Audio-30/W220 Cluster Removal Tools
W140 589 0233 00 Pulling hooks (for removing cluster) 124/126/129/new cars
W110 589 0059 00 Pulling hooks (for removing cluster) W107/W123
W110 589 0359 00 Hard Wedge (for unclipping panels etc)
W115 589 0359 00 Long Wedge (for unclipping panels etc)
TBA Connector dissasembly tool (to remove wires from connector plugs/sockets)

Long Wedge and Pulling Hooks

MB Special Tools Long Wedge and Pulling Hooks.JPG

Spark Plug HT Wires Removal Tool

A special spark plug wire removal tool is available. It is a 17mm, open ended tool with a 25mm off-set and is made by JTC with part number J-1308. It can be found in eBay for $20.

JTC Spark Plug Wire Removal Tool J-1308

JTC Spark Plug Wire Removal Tool J-1308.JPG

Instrument Cluster Repair Tool Kit

W220 Instrument Cluster Repair Tool Kit.JPG

Homemade ones fashioned out of 1mm thick sheet aluminium.

Home Made Tools for Removing Instrument Cluster.jpg

Electronic Ignition Switch (EIS)

A home made tool can be manufactured several pieces of PVC pipe for unscrewing the EIS bezel.

Home Made EIS Bezel Unscrewing Tool.jpg

The bezel is easily unscrewed.

Bezel Unscrewing Tool Inserted in EIS.jpg

AIRmatic Tools

Strut Seal Remover Tool - AIRmatic

A commercial tool is available to remove the top seal on the front axle AIRmatic suspension strut.

W220 Airmatic Strut Seal Remover Tool.JPG

How to make a DIY version is shown here http://w220.ee/Airmatic#Tools_Required_-_DIY_Refurbishment_Airmatic_Spring_Strut_Front_.2840.29

W220 strut top seal tool 01.jpg

Residual Pressure Valve Socket - AIRmatic

A commercial 1/4" drive AIRmatic Residual Pressure Holding Valve Tool is available. It is used to remove and install the brass Residual Pressure Holding Valves at each of the air inlets to the front-axle AIRmatic suspension struts. W220 AIRmatic Residual Pressure Holding Valve 01.JPGW220 AIRmatic Residual Pressure Holding Valve Commercial Removal Tool.JPGW220 Residual Pressure Valve Socket.JPG

How to make a DIY version of an AIRmatic Residual Pressure Holding Valve Tool is shown here http://w220.ee/Airmatic#Tools_Required_-_DIY_Refurbishment_Airmatic_Spring_Strut_Front_.2840.29

Front Suspension Tools

Ball Joint Separator/Remover Tool

The W220 requires a larger size Ball Joint separator/remover (19mm).

  • Mercedes-Benz Ball Joint Installer Remover W220 W211 W230 JTC 1310A or
  • Pro-Auto-Tools 1310A Mercedes Ball Joint Tool.
Pro-Auto-Tools 1310A Mercedes Ball Joint Tool.jpg
  • Mercedes/BMW ball joint separator $25 on eBay.
Ball Joint Separator.jpg

LCA Bushing Removal and Installation Tool

Removal and installation tool for supporting joint in wheel carrier. Required to replace lower control arm bushings.

202589004300 removal and installation tool.png

OE Tool

MB Part number W202589004300 (replaces W140589074300 and W201589054300). While the tool can be bought only in full by part number W202589004300, the tool has part number W202589004301 engraved on the inner part and part number W202589004302 on the outer part. Both parts have also the month of manufacture engraved.

MB tool W202589004300.
MB tool W202589004300 in use.


ZDMAK sells [1] an aftermarket tool for the MB tool W202589004300. The tool costs 114$ while the OE MB tool 100$. Furthermore, there have been reports of tool going broke. [2] [3].

ZDMAK M0085 tool in use.
ZDMAK M0085 tool broken.

Torque Strut Bushing Kit

Baum Tools have a Torque Strut Bushing Kit Number 8220-0643 for about US$171 to be used on the Front Lower Control Arm Bushings. However it seems that this tool is not an absolute necessity. You can get by with making do with other means.

Baum Torque Strut Bushing Kit 8220-0643

Photo of Baum Torque Strut Bushing Kit B220-0643.

Photo of Baum Torque Strut Bushing Kit B220-0643.JPG

Rear Suspension Tools

Rear Shock Absorber Rubber Bushes

Rear Shock Absorber Rubber Bushes extraction and insertion tool (01).

  1. W220 rear shock absorbers Insertion and Extraction tool..JPG