WIS 09.10 Air Filter

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Engine Air/Cleaner/Dust Filter

Part Numbers - Engine Air/Cleaner/Dust Filter

W220 2003 Update S500L M113

  • Bosch 1 457 433 071
  • MB 112 094 00 04
  • A1120940604
  • MANN C 3698/3-2

Replace Air Cleaner - Engine Air/Cleaner/Dust Filter


  • Remove black intake tubes by pulling towards front of car.
  • Lift black plastic cover with mb logo.
  • Lift main engine cover and remove from car.
  • Flip over, loosen 4 torx screws on each airbox.
  • Remove filter, clean airbox out, and reinstall new filter.
  • Hand tighten the torx screws.
  • Replace main engine cover making sure its seated on maf connection gasket
  • Push black intake tubes back on.
  • Replace front engine cover.


Use an electric screw driver and a set of torx bits. This way you wont have to spend hours hand tightening all those screws back.