WIS 22.10 Engine Mounts, Engine Brackets

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Issues - Engine Mounts

BenzWorld Member zz4x4 or Jeff reported that he had the very common "shaking at idle" issue so he decided to replace the engine mounts. It totally solved the problem! The car was smooth once again. It all went pretty smoothly and took about 3 hours total time.

Others have reported having a smooth idle, until you put it into gear, then a vibration.

Diagnosis - Engine Mounts

Diagnose by popping open the hood, have someone apply the service AND foot brakes, all the while pointing the car in a "SAFE" DIRECTION, have the helper gently "REV" the engine on and off, all the time looking at how much rotational rolling movement there is in the engine. You will know what "excessive" is. If it was Rocking and Rolling SEVERAL inches up and down you have BAD ENGINE MOUNTS!

DIY Replace - Engine Mount Front


Tips - Engine Mount Front

  • WIS specifies removing the ENTIRE Engine Mount, both the engine mount AND the portion that connects it to the

engine block. This worked fine on the RIGHT mount, but on the LEFT, a hose prevented taking the mount out/or installing, in one piece. This required a combination "Bottom-Side" and "Top-Side" approach.

  • Caution; when you turn the left engine mount over to remove the mount-to-bracket bolt, be careful of the fluid in the mount. If the rubber has deteriorated badly, when the mount is flipped over, the fluid can pour onto your face.
  • Even though genuine M-B mounts are expensive, the general opinion is to NOT buy aftermarket brands.

DIY Replace - Engine Mount Rear/Transmission

A Rear Engine and Transmission Mount DIY replace is a super easy job. It actually takes more time to get the car lifted, as it does to R/R the mount, plus, as opposed to the "expensive" front mounts, the Rear is a measly $30 bucks.

Tips - Engine Mount Rear/Transmission

  • One suggested "variation" from the WIS technique is to not REMOVE the cross-member. You can loosen it sufficiently to get the mount in/out if you minimally (1 or 2 cm) raise the transmission pan.