WIS 30.30 Cruise Control (CC), Distronic (DTR)

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Distronic (DTR) Proximity Controlled Cruise Control Features

When following vehicles that are slowly decelerating the Distronic disengages at 20 mph. The Distronic will alarm with an audio and visual alert when the closure speed is not to its liking - the system can be turned on or off for that function. Refer to: Original Video ‘Mercedes S-Class Distronic Cruise Control’ at;

Distronic (DTR) Proximity Controlled Cruise Control Retrofit Issue

Is it possible to retrofit Distronic Cruise Control Radar functionality to a W220?

Thanks to David Prokity’s Project on his 2006 S430 recorded on video on YouTube it is, and he states “This is absolutely the best option I have ever retrofitted”.

In W220 models up to 2004-05-31 with Data Card CODE 219a, the Proximity Controlled Cruise Control Distance Radar system consists of a DTR Radar Sensor (B29) and a separate DTR Control Unit (N63/1). In models up to about 2014 (TBC) the Cruise Control Radar system was simplifed with all the electronics now in the Distronic Radar Sensor. In some 2014 models which have Distronic Plus, it is more of an anti collision system.

David Prokity has retrofitted a W220 MY00 and C215 MY04 so far. He states that beside the horrible cost if you have to buy new parts, its a easy and straight forward installation.Mmake sure that you have all EXACT part #'s before you are starting.

The part which is a little more complicated is the coding. The W220 MY00 has had no SCN coding and all coding can be done with an offline DAS System. Later on more and more SCN coding was introduced and nowadays you need to modify your datacard in Stuttgart first, then pull the required SCN codes with an Online DAS.

Distronic (DTR) Proximity Controlled Cruise Control Diagram


Model W220 up to 31.5.04

Refer to Section 7 in;


Model W220 2006 S430

See the excellent video by David Prokity;