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Windshield wiper related parts in EPC.


Windshield Wiper Blade

Part No. Notes
A2208200045 LHD, single, To Date: 09/03/2000, Replaced by: A2208201845
A2208201845 LHD, pair, To Date: 09/03/2000 (~EUR 56)
A2208200645 LHD, single AERO, From Date: 09/03/2000, Replaced by A2208200845
A2208200845 LHD, single AERO, From Date: 09/03/2000, Replaced by A2208201145
A2208201145 LHD, single AERO, From Date: 09/03/2000, Replaced by A2208201345
A2208201345 LHD, single AERO, From Date: 09/03/2000, Replaced by A2208201545
A2208201545 LHD, pair AERO, From Date: 09/03/2000, Replaced by A2208201745
A2208201745 LHD, pair AERO, From Date: 09/03/2000 (~EUR 60)
A2208200145 RHD, single, To Date: 31/08/1999
A2208201445 RHD, pair AERO, From Date: 31/08/1999, Replaced by A2208201645
A2208201645 RHD, pair AERO, From Date: 31/08/1999 (~EUR 60)

Aftermarket replacement (for LHD vehicles):

  • OEM BOSCH Aerotwin A946S 3397118946 680mm (EUR 30)
  • VALEO 574317 700mm (EUR 35)
  • VALEO 577869 680mm (EUR 25)
  • SWF VisioFlex 119438 650mm (EUR 30)
  • SWF VisioFlex 119389 700mm (EUR 40)
  • CHAMPION KF68/C02 680mm (EUR 50)
  • DENSO DF123 700mm (EUR 30)
BOSCH Aerotwin A946S
SWF VisioFlex 119438.
SWF VisioFlex 119389.

Rubber only

It is possible, and much cheaper (~EUR 5) to replace only the wiper blade rubber, but make sure that the new blades have the correct form.

Length: 685mm (27”) Width: 6mm

BOSCH Aerotwin refill (rubber).
How to change the rubber on a Bosch Aerotwin® flat wiper blade.

Windshield Wiper Park Position Guides

There are two marks on the front windscreen which identify the parked positions of the windscreen wiper blades.

The marks are a tiny window in the black undercoating, about a 1.5mm x 10mm clear slit in the black coating. They are very inconspicuous until you have seen them, then they are clearly visible.

One mark is on the right side and one in the centre of the windscreen. There is no mark on the left side. The two marks can be used to reinstall the wiper mechanisms if they have been removed.

Note it is obvious that the same windscreen is used for LHD and RHD vehicles, hence the marks are only really useful for LHD cars. For RHD cars the position of the right mark can be measured and transferred to the left side as a guide.

The marks are difficult to photograph due to the reflections in the windscreen. The next figure is a composite of two photos taken from the front of a RHD car.

Right Side Mark & Center Mark

Reset Automatic Windshield Wiper Function

  • Two people are required for this task as the doors have to be closed to reset this function.
  • First, pull and reseat your windshield wiper relays (locations are on the fuse diagram usually found in the tool compartment in your spare wheel well).
  • With engine running and all passenger doors closed, starting at 0 turn on wipers to #3 position, then put the switch in the 0 position then put it in the auto #1 (rain sensor position).
  • Then have your assistant splash water on the windshield.
  • The Automatic Windshield Wipers should now function normally.
W220 windshield wiper blade removal.