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The Instrument Cluster is also known as the Instrument Panel or Multi-function Display.

Hidden Menu

Instrument cluster hidden menu allows to see voltage measurement, vehicle VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and other data.

Entering W220 instrument cluster hidden menu.

Setting Clock

With navigation installed press COMAND Service, System, Clock, Set Hours etc.


  • The fluorescent tubes used to generate illumination and back-lighting on the gauges eventually flicker and die.
  • Missing pixels due to ribbon connector failure.

Display Defective Warning

"DISPLAY DEFECTIVE VISIT WORKSHOP!" warning on the instrument cluster.

DIY Procedures

Lighting Repair

The W220 S-Class, has an interesting lighting architecture, incorporating LEDs and fluorescent tubes to generate illumination and back-lighting on the gauges. The tubes eventually flicker and die, causing this malfunction to be a recall notice with Mercedes. Recognized for up to 10 years from MY, for registered owners, Mercedes will honor the recall, with enough coaxing. For everyone else, repair is the only option. Chinese made substitute transformers and FETs may do the trick, they may not. With this set of instruments, repair was not an option, so an experimental LED substitution was attempted, and turned out successful. An LED driver circuit replaced the 4000V transformer, retained the dimming ability, reduced current draw, and provided ample lighting. White LEDs were grafted in place of the fluorescent tubes, and blue LEDs behind the LCD displays.

Mercedes S-Class W220 Lighting Repair / LED Upgrade.

Missing Pixel Repair

Very detailed article on how to fix W208 2002 CLK430 instrument cluster which has missing pixels. Should also apply to other MBs including W220.

Before repair.
After repair.

Removing Instrument Cluster

Instrument cluster repair tool kit is required to remove W220 instrument cluster.

W220 instrument cluster removal.

Dissecting Instrument Cluster